Friday, January 22, 2016

About This Blog

What is this blog?

Eve Journal is an Eve Online Blog that follows the journey of Eliz Marbly. It is a collection of experiences and thoughts about Eve Online

Who am I?

I am the player that presents this blog Eliz Marbly, a character from the MMO Eve Online. I represent

What am I?

In Eve I am a resident of highsec/nullsec who's mainly an industrialist, EFT warrior but fail pvp pilot :D

Why blog?

I'm someone who enjoys playing industrial side with Eve with occasional pew pew. I created this blog to help newbies to get up to speed with Eve and share my thoughts with my Eve interactions.

If you have noticed, Eliz Marbly belongs to CAStabouts, an alliance solely created allow CAS to participate NEO and AT.

Then who's CAS? CAS or Center of Advanced Studies, is a Gallente starter NPC Corp where they have special interest groups, be it mining, highsec missioning or pvp. Through those special interest groups, this allows newbies to do stuffs that they might not experience.

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