Thursday, March 31, 2016

Syndicate Corner Week 14 YC118

Syndicate Corner Week 14

RL kept me busy hence I skipped posting for three weeks.


Damn quiet ever since Money Badger Coilation or MBC got stationed in Venal and for all that Goon spin about Initiative burning Money POSes down in Sydnicate, I guess most of them have pulled back to defend their own region (Tenal) with some trying to alpha pop us in our station undock.

But as i started to write this post, someone in fleet probed down a WH with a POS coming out of RF timer. With no defenders, we popped the pos, lo and behold 2b SMA containing a Chimera. Apart from that loot we also scoped Iteron V filled with fullerites, deadspace-fitted Rattlesnake, several yachts and ventures

Apothe withdraws from CSM11

Get well soon and you're definitely worth my vote in the ballot

Citadel Feedback Threads

[Citadel]Tweak to Black Ops jump fatigue bonus
[Citadel] Citadels on Singularity

For now I think citadels are riddled with bugs at the moment with my toon stuck in the large citadel when trying to undock.

Market Thoughts
As shown by my main toon bio, I sell ice products as well as P2 PI. Due to citadel speculation, PI prices have risen considerably.
For example, Polyaramids used to sell @ 12k per unit which roughly equates to 900m per month income based on my extraction setup. But with it @ 19k per unit, your income comes up to 1.2b per month.

Fool's PI Google Doc Spreadsheet -Detailed PI cost breakdown and comparison
PI Calculator - Accounts for PI skills, Planet radius, PI planet setup and price updates from Eve Central
These two tools can help you determine which PI is making a profit, whether your doing factory PI or extraction setup. My 2 isk for short term speculation are on Protein (P1), Biomass (P2) which are overpriced imo.

Strontium have been added into the Fuel Block BPO which cause the current rise from 1.5k to 5k per unit. My thoughts are they will remain in high demand until POS features are removed from the game. Hence my 2 isk in the short-medium term is to cash out on strontium when it's hot.

Keepstar XL Citadel

TDLR: 200T Faction XL Citadel where only one can be anchored at one time

This is probably the last straw that broke Gevlon Goblin's back and is leaving Eve given his views on Citadels as pay2win.

World War Bee

If you have been living under the rock, the title link is basic guide regarding the ongoing World War Bee.
As much as I hate to drop corp, so Spectre Fleet, HERE I COME \o/

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Syndicate Corner Week 11

Alot of pew pew going on with Initiative being deployed in Syndicate and while OSS seems to have left the region (probably for Querious) after Goons pew pew their moon poses down in BMNV-P and X-M2LR.
That being said, I ended at the wrong end of PvP, losing my mackinaw in ice belt as I warp off  my orca pilot instead of Eliz. While I was a tad butt-hurt but a mistake happened and sometimes it's that mistake that catches you.

Citadel Markets and Taxes Update
Apart from the issues raised from the earlier post, CCP released updates and additional information regarding reprocessing rigs and their base refines. While I like the jump clone fee reduction, the stick used to push people to Citadel still rubs me the wrong way. The following posts are opinions from other bloggers from this potential change.

The citadels of eternal peace by Greedy Goblin
In search of a carrot by Luobote Kong

Marketforisk's PLEX perspective on CCP Quant Feb 2016 Data
While the devblog is out in the wild for some time, marketforisk used the data to explain the upward trend of PLEX as well as CCP's search for that 'money' isk sink.

Eveeye Maps
A new Eve tool popped out this week and I must say whoever was on this project did an excellent job on it.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Syndicate Corner Week 10

Syndicate Corner

This post is more of weekly post of what's happening in Syndicate and Eve news that related to my play-style.

While most of the activities are happening in Fade and Querious, fighting spilled over to Syndicate with prominent Goon alliance The Initiative being deployed to attack OSS and Suddenly assets specifically in X-M2LR.

With lighting rod fighting so close to our base of operations, third partying into the fights might be an option especially CAS Combat Day happening today \o/

CAS Combat Day (CCD)
What is Cas Combat Day? It is summarized in this post but basically it's a newbie NPSI roam across nullsec and lowsec. So if you want some action with us, please drop in some spais in fleet and wipe us out !! This CCD is especially unique as it is the 8th Year Anniversary for this event and I hope to get on to fleet; albeit later due to TZ mismatch :(

CCP Quant Feb Economicy Report
I had a quick look through the graphs and had a good chuckle when I compared Fade to Syndicate region. Given the difference in true-sec plus being a SOV region, I guess Fade have been hit hard given the quietness of Syndicate for the past month.

Skill Point Gift for Server Woes
By the time of posting, the you should be able to get 200k SP given by CCP.

Dread Rebalance
Although I don't have a dread pilot it interesting to note the potential change given their niche of 'in your face' DPS machine

Citadels: Market & Taxes Feedback
That reddit thread is a mess to filter through so I suggest you take a look at this blog post by Jan Irvam as a summary.

March Patch Release 08/03/16
Self-explanatory Title

Fly Safe!

CSM11 Endorsements

The 11th iteration of the Council of Stellar Management (CSM 11) is now open to selection by the EVE Online subscriber base. There are 53 qualified candidates running for the 14 positions on the CSM.

If you haven't go through the candidate list, you could either hit CSM Watch website to get the idea of the candidates or you want text-based summaries, I have summarized it in 2 posts.

This is the list of candidates I'm voting this year.

1. DoToo Foo - WH, Null Market Trader, Small Corp/Alliances
2. Steve Ronuken - Current CSM, Industry and 3rd Party specialization
3. Apothne - PL FC, AT Commentator
4. Mr Hyde113 - PL, Solo PvP
5. commander aze - Highsec, Incursion, Wardec
6. Diana Olympos - Nullsec, Industry, Economy specialization
7. Joffy Aulx-Gao - Lowsec, Accessibility
8. Kyle Aparthos - SMA leader
9. Jin’taan - Provi FC
10. Capri Sun KraftFoods - Nullsec,
11. Sullen Decimus - WH, Goon
12. RF Gnaeus Crassus - Highsec, Wardec, Courier contracts
13. Utari Onzo - Provi FC, Logistics, Lore
14. Chiimera - Goon, Community Events

That's my CSM11 candidate list and I wish them good luck!

Before I end off, please remember to VOTE for CSM which ends on March 25th even if you don't agree my candidate list.

Fly Safe!

CSM 11 Candidate Summary Part 2

At last the official candidates are up and a total of 53 candidates have been approved by CCP. Unfortunately my group candidate told me he's not running got me so T_T. Anyway I going to post my CSM Endorsement soon and continue my Mining series.

Should you want a second opinion of the candidates, the peeps of CSM Watch have group analysis of candidates. The last 3 analysis show have been uploaded and the links are as follow:

CSM Watch Analysis 4
CSM Watch Analysis 5
CSM Watch Analysis 6

If you missed my last review, here is the link.

So I going to slot candidates into 3 groups:
Recommended Candidates
Recommended to read up on them and consider them for your ballot. Likely your top half picks of your ballot
Safe Candidates
Depending on your playstyle, they might appeal to you but are not your top half picks for your ballot
Don’t Bother
Look at them if you have nothing else to do. No point in further investigation.

Recommended Candidates

Mr Hyde
Focus: Solo, Small Gang PvP, PL
Positives: Solo Pvp specialization, Realist, Battleship Meta Focus
Negatives: Split PL Vote
Verdict: Well respected even outside PL and well versed in PvP meta. Most likely to get CSM vote.

My Opinion: While 'frigate menace' gave me a chuckle, he shows that he understand issues stemmed from small ship-centric metas which many small groups like us faced every day (eg. cancer kite gamurs) Furthermore bringing back the battleship meta will allow Eve to have more chance of bigger scale fights; whilst not B-5RB esque but will keep players engaged.

Safe Candidates 

Toxic Yaken
Focus: Highsec, Wardec
Positives: Reasonable, Wardec
Negatives: No visible support base , ex-ganker
Verdict: His lack of visible support might be his undoing for getting elected to CSM

My Opinion: For a ex-ganker, I find him as a reasonable candidate despite my hatred against gankers. That being said there are better candidates than him with regards of wardec.

Focus: Nullsec, Provi FC
Positives: FC experience, Capital Rebalance
Negatives: Narrow specialization compared to other prominent candidates
Verdict: Being the official Provi candidate along with Utari Onzo, he's probably going to get into CSM.

My Opinion: While I don't mind having Jin'taan on my ballot but his specialization is common among other candidates.

Joffy Aulx-Gao
Focus: Lowsec, Disability
Positives: Accessibility perspective from older/disabled players, Well-spoken
Negatives: Support might be lacking, CSM interview seems scripted due to accommodations
Verdict: Might get in depending on vote turnout.

My Opinion: Good candidate considering the median age of players are increasing.

Nashh Kadavr
Focus: Lowsec PvP, Community Events
Positives: E-sports focus, CCP- interactions
Negatives: Event Drama, Narrow focus on Events only
Verdict: Decent candidate but support might be lacking.

My Opinion: Good candidate but that IWANTISK drama and lack of support might be his undoing.

Utari Onzo
Focus: Provi FC, Lore, Logistics
Positives: Logistics, Capital Rebalance Lore-driven content
Negatives: Lore support lacking, Inexperience
Verdict: Might get into CSM depending on Provi vote turnout and lore support.

My Opinion: Best lore-related candidate with other specialization like logistics and capital rebalance

Focus: Nullsec, Industrialist, Test Alliance pilot
Positives: PI interface focus, Neutral perspective
Negatives: Narrow specialization,
Verdict: If he get Test's support, he might make it.

My Opinion: Decent candidate with a balanced perspective how Eve works without marginalizing playstyles (eg. PvP and Miner symbiotic relationship)

Focus: Nullsec, Community Events, AUTZ
Positives: Event Focus, Well-liked
Negatives: Limited specialization, Grr Goon
Verdict: Depending on Goon vote turnout, he might make it but unlikely

My Opinion: Decent but too many AUTZ/Community Event candidates which might cannibalize their voting support

RF Gnaeus Crassus
Focus: Highsec, Logistics, Wardec
Positives: Logistics specialization, courier contracts revamp
Negatives: Entrenched view on ganking
Verdict: Unless he is able to gather support from logistics corps, he is not going get into CSM.

My Opinion: While having a doomsday equipped on a freighter to shoot back ganker might seems butt-hurt but it underscore the advantages of gankers have as well as the problems of wardec mechanics. With a potential relook in jump fatigue as well as wardec mechanics, he seems a safe candidate.

Capri Sun Kraftfoods
Focus: Nullsec, Small Gang, PvP, Logistics (Hauling)
Positives: Engagement Focus, Well liked
Negatives: Lacking support, better candidates, ex Is-boxer user
Verdict: Decent interview but might lack support

My Opinion: Think Vic Jefferson but with other specializations or focus and minus Grr Goon mentality. Safe candidate

Xavier Azabu
Focus: Small Corp/Alliance, Japan TZ
Positives: Unique perspective, Level headed
Negatives: No obvious support, not space famous
Verdict: Getting in hinged on his possible Asian/AU TZ connections

My Opinion: Depending on his TZ connections he may or may not get in.

Focus: Graphics, Music, Nullsec PvP, AUTZ
Positives: Goon Support, Small ideas/ Neutral proponent
Negatives: Split Goon Vote, Scam Drama
Verdict: Unlikely but it really depends Goon vote turnout

My Opinion: Decent candidate despite the scam drama but unlikely to get in.

Niko Lorenzio
Focus: Highsec, Communications, NPE
Positives: Neutral perspective, Knowledgeable, realistic, Grr Nullsec bloc
Negatives: Lack of support, not space famous
Verdict: At most an outsider chance

My Opinion: Decent candidate but will not gather enough support to get in.

Tora Bushido
Focus: Highsec, Wardec
Positives: Wardec, Ganking focus
Negatives: Grr Marmite
Verdict: Having gone close at previous CSM election, he is probably the prominent wardec candidate should the mechanics being tweaked and likely to get in.

My Opinion: As much as I branded Marmite as the Goons of trade hubs ( CODE has the dubious honor of Goons of Highsec), Tora is a decent candidate and his wardec input is crucial with the upcoming citadel patch.

The Judge
Focus: Nullsec, PvP, Wardec
Positives: Goon Support
Negatives: Split Goon Vote, Narrow specialization
Verdict: Dependent on Goon vote turnout; Outsider chance

My Opinion: While there are information from eve-guardian, eve forum, I don't know him well enough to put him over Sullen Decimus.

Lorelei Ierendi
Focus: Highsec, Wardec, NPE
Positives: Wardec, Ganking focus
Negatives: Lack support, biased opinion regarding ganking
Verdict: Similar to last time, he has outsider chance of getting in.

My Opinion: Probably the 'victim' proponent of the wardec/ganking mechanics which I probably sympathize and might get in as a replacement for departing Mike Azariah.

Don’t Bother

Borat Guereen
Focus: Small Gang PvP
Positives: David vs Goliath, Limit Crest API exposure to 3rd party websites/apps
Negatives: Complicated CSM revamp, propose ideas contradict his campaign platform
Verdict: Not going to make it

My Opinion: While I applaud his 'David vs Goliath' determination but his complicated CSM revamp and coupled with his suggestions made me confused.

Viceran Phaedra
Focus: PVE, Small Corp/Alliances
Positives: Decent interview
Negatives: Xenuria reference, no obvious support
Verdict: Not going to make it.

My Opinion: Better luck next time as a 'jack of all trade' candidate with limited specialization is hard to get into CSM without any obvious support.

Erika Mizune
Focus: Disability, Industrialist, Logistics (Hauling), Community
Positives: PI interface focus, Accessibility perspective from older/disabled players
Negatives: Poor Interview, better industrial/disability candidates
Verdict: Poor interview might pushed the disability vote to Joffy and she might not get into CSM

My Opinion: As much as I want her in CSM, her ability to put her ideas in front of devs or aggressive CSM members doesn't give me much confidence.

Focus: Nullsec, Economics
Positives: Goon Leadership, Economic specialization
Negatives: Aggressive, Possible Drama Source
Verdict: He will get in regardless so save your vote for others

My Opinion: Probably a Sion clone with economic specialization or a mynna.