Monday, February 1, 2016

CCD Afterthoughts

So what a CCD u might ask?

CCD or CAS Combat Day is a quarterly PvP roam organized by CAS Combat Guild (CCG) members who are based in Syndicate. This roam is dedicated to getting newbies from CAS or CAS-related chat channels a taste of pew pew although it also functions as a vet gathering from past members who tends to resub once CCD comes around.

CCD teaches newbies about the basics about pvp, gate tacticals, recon and comprised of mainly t1 fitted ships

So CCD fleet roams around nullsec and lowsec to look for fights and usually the event has its spectacular moments like this and this .

Attending such events always reignite my flame about Eve as we remember past CCDs like being pipe bombed and enjoy being in a large fleet which rarely happens since we are a small gang pvp group.

Lastly, if your looking to try out PvP, join us 'Cas Combat Guild' in game channel for more information.

PS: Spais are always welcome in CCDs :)

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