Friday, March 4, 2016

CSM11 Endorsements

The 11th iteration of the Council of Stellar Management (CSM 11) is now open to selection by the EVE Online subscriber base. There are 53 qualified candidates running for the 14 positions on the CSM.

If you haven't go through the candidate list, you could either hit CSM Watch website to get the idea of the candidates or you want text-based summaries, I have summarized it in 2 posts.

This is the list of candidates I'm voting this year.

1. DoToo Foo - WH, Null Market Trader, Small Corp/Alliances
2. Steve Ronuken - Current CSM, Industry and 3rd Party specialization
3. Apothne - PL FC, AT Commentator
4. Mr Hyde113 - PL, Solo PvP
5. commander aze - Highsec, Incursion, Wardec
6. Diana Olympos - Nullsec, Industry, Economy specialization
7. Joffy Aulx-Gao - Lowsec, Accessibility
8. Kyle Aparthos - SMA leader
9. Jin’taan - Provi FC
10. Capri Sun KraftFoods - Nullsec,
11. Sullen Decimus - WH, Goon
12. RF Gnaeus Crassus - Highsec, Wardec, Courier contracts
13. Utari Onzo - Provi FC, Logistics, Lore
14. Chiimera - Goon, Community Events

That's my CSM11 candidate list and I wish them good luck!

Before I end off, please remember to VOTE for CSM which ends on March 25th even if you don't agree my candidate list.

Fly Safe!

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