Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Syndicate Corner Week 17 YC118

Syndicate Corner Week 17


When I last posted, Syndicate didn't see much action despite INIT. having moved in for a while. Well since then LAWN, Razor and SMA (Outer Ring) have joined in and as a result the structure bashing in Syndicate gained a lot of steam. While INIT. did bash some of our structures but by luck or by chance they didn't finish the job after reinforcement so hopefully it stays that way.

For those people still hunting them, I did some research via killboard so these are the likely places (constellations) that they will occupy.

Their current staging system is at X-M2LR and when they are not acting as the new PF-346 gatekeepers, they are structure grinding towards the north-east of Syndicate.

Structure bash party varies from bomber fleet, ishtar fleet, small dread fleet or carrier blob.

They are currently structure bashing around SKX-PL which is likely to be their area of operations given close proximity with Outer Ring (SMA).

Structure bash party so far consists of bomber fleets.

I haven't seen them yet so I have no idea where are they going to settle down. My best guess is that either 6-V49K or QS-FVH given the close proxmity to Outer Ring.

World War Bee

Spectre Fleet War schedule keeps clashing with my schedule. URGH T_T


 I looking forward to what CCP is going reveal at this fanfest especially regarding Citadels and CSM Poll Outcome.

Market Thoughts

Strontium price in Jita stabilized and if you still have a stash, better cash it out since the demand comes mainly from Sov lasering in the North and Drone Lands. Once the dust settle I believe the price will crash down.

P4 PI prices have largely settled down but some P2 and P1 are still overpriced. I expect most P2 prices to fall below 20,000 isk and P1 to fall below 1,000 isk. That being said, latecomers for citadel manufacturers might spike the market on citadel patch day.


For now I plan to finish my mining section before heading to my favorite isk income Planetary Interaction \o/

Last but not least, I will end my post with a MBC propaganda picture :)

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