Thursday, March 31, 2016

Syndicate Corner Week 14 YC118

Syndicate Corner Week 14

RL kept me busy hence I skipped posting for three weeks.


Damn quiet ever since Money Badger Coilation or MBC got stationed in Venal and for all that Goon spin about Initiative burning Money POSes down in Sydnicate, I guess most of them have pulled back to defend their own region (Tenal) with some trying to alpha pop us in our station undock.

But as i started to write this post, someone in fleet probed down a WH with a POS coming out of RF timer. With no defenders, we popped the pos, lo and behold 2b SMA containing a Chimera. Apart from that loot we also scoped Iteron V filled with fullerites, deadspace-fitted Rattlesnake, several yachts and ventures

Apothe withdraws from CSM11

Get well soon and you're definitely worth my vote in the ballot

Citadel Feedback Threads

[Citadel]Tweak to Black Ops jump fatigue bonus
[Citadel] Citadels on Singularity

For now I think citadels are riddled with bugs at the moment with my toon stuck in the large citadel when trying to undock.

Market Thoughts
As shown by my main toon bio, I sell ice products as well as P2 PI. Due to citadel speculation, PI prices have risen considerably.
For example, Polyaramids used to sell @ 12k per unit which roughly equates to 900m per month income based on my extraction setup. But with it @ 19k per unit, your income comes up to 1.2b per month.

Fool's PI Google Doc Spreadsheet -Detailed PI cost breakdown and comparison
PI Calculator - Accounts for PI skills, Planet radius, PI planet setup and price updates from Eve Central
These two tools can help you determine which PI is making a profit, whether your doing factory PI or extraction setup. My 2 isk for short term speculation are on Protein (P1), Biomass (P2) which are overpriced imo.

Strontium have been added into the Fuel Block BPO which cause the current rise from 1.5k to 5k per unit. My thoughts are they will remain in high demand until POS features are removed from the game. Hence my 2 isk in the short-medium term is to cash out on strontium when it's hot.

Keepstar XL Citadel

TDLR: 200T Faction XL Citadel where only one can be anchored at one time

This is probably the last straw that broke Gevlon Goblin's back and is leaving Eve given his views on Citadels as pay2win.

World War Bee

If you have been living under the rock, the title link is basic guide regarding the ongoing World War Bee.
As much as I hate to drop corp, so Spectre Fleet, HERE I COME \o/

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