Friday, March 4, 2016

Syndicate Corner Week 10

Syndicate Corner

This post is more of weekly post of what's happening in Syndicate and Eve news that related to my play-style.

While most of the activities are happening in Fade and Querious, fighting spilled over to Syndicate with prominent Goon alliance The Initiative being deployed to attack OSS and Suddenly assets specifically in X-M2LR.

With lighting rod fighting so close to our base of operations, third partying into the fights might be an option especially CAS Combat Day happening today \o/

CAS Combat Day (CCD)
What is Cas Combat Day? It is summarized in this post but basically it's a newbie NPSI roam across nullsec and lowsec. So if you want some action with us, please drop in some spais in fleet and wipe us out !! This CCD is especially unique as it is the 8th Year Anniversary for this event and I hope to get on to fleet; albeit later due to TZ mismatch :(

CCP Quant Feb Economicy Report
I had a quick look through the graphs and had a good chuckle when I compared Fade to Syndicate region. Given the difference in true-sec plus being a SOV region, I guess Fade have been hit hard given the quietness of Syndicate for the past month.

Skill Point Gift for Server Woes
By the time of posting, the you should be able to get 200k SP given by CCP.

Dread Rebalance
Although I don't have a dread pilot it interesting to note the potential change given their niche of 'in your face' DPS machine

Citadels: Market & Taxes Feedback
That reddit thread is a mess to filter through so I suggest you take a look at this blog post by Jan Irvam as a summary.

March Patch Release 08/03/16
Self-explanatory Title

Fly Safe!

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