Saturday, March 12, 2016

Syndicate Corner Week 11

Alot of pew pew going on with Initiative being deployed in Syndicate and while OSS seems to have left the region (probably for Querious) after Goons pew pew their moon poses down in BMNV-P and X-M2LR.
That being said, I ended at the wrong end of PvP, losing my mackinaw in ice belt as I warp off  my orca pilot instead of Eliz. While I was a tad butt-hurt but a mistake happened and sometimes it's that mistake that catches you.

Citadel Markets and Taxes Update
Apart from the issues raised from the earlier post, CCP released updates and additional information regarding reprocessing rigs and their base refines. While I like the jump clone fee reduction, the stick used to push people to Citadel still rubs me the wrong way. The following posts are opinions from other bloggers from this potential change.

The citadels of eternal peace by Greedy Goblin
In search of a carrot by Luobote Kong

Marketforisk's PLEX perspective on CCP Quant Feb 2016 Data
While the devblog is out in the wild for some time, marketforisk used the data to explain the upward trend of PLEX as well as CCP's search for that 'money' isk sink.

Eveeye Maps
A new Eve tool popped out this week and I must say whoever was on this project did an excellent job on it.

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